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DoubleLLRanch Estate

Location: The Double LL ranch is located 35 miles east of Billings, Montana, lying north along the Yellowstone River for some 2 1/2 miles. Billings, Montana is served by 3 major airlines and it is the trade center for Montana, North Dakota, and northern Wyoming.
Population is currently 140,000 plus. The town of Worden also serves the ranch for small shopping and schooling and is located 12 miles from the ranch.

Property: The ranch is 18,336 deeded acres, all contiguous, lying north of Yellowstone River in Yellowstone County. This ranch is unique in the fact that the unit is not dependent on leased lands and is not subject to regulatory policies of federal, state, or environmental groups. The topography stretches from limestone caverns along the northern border to gently rolling hills that lead to the southern pastures. Driving from the headquarters 15 miles to the north end of the ranch is easily accomplished on well maintained roads.

This ranch offers the owner diversity in operation. Irrigation water is free from the Yellowstone River, with the ranch having water rights in the amount of 2,000 gallons per minute. 390 acres are under sprinkler irrigation from three center pivot systems and 400 acres are non-irrigated producing 200 tons of oats. The ranch has a 1000 head feedlot with all the fencing being steel post in concrete and steel cable with concrete aprons on the feed bunks. A crain mix mill system is attached for efficient handling of grains. There is a hospital barn with separate pens and a vet room. Hydraulic chute and steel cattle handling facilities are part of the 1000 head feedlot operation.

Excellent winter pasture planting. This ranch would also be an excellent yearling operation with the possibility of moving the yearlings from summer grass to your own feedlot for finishing. The ranch is currently running 950 cow/calf pairs.

Improvements: The owner home has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a family room, a living room and a large office with a modern kitchen. This 4200 sq ft home was remodeled in 1985, adding stained oak generator. The exterior is all brick. The owners barn is block part of the barn along with a nice set of corrals with water. The guest home has three bedrooms, 2 full baths with open-beam kitchen ceiling. This home has a beautiful panoramic view of the Yellowstone River. Employee home number 1 is 2,200 square feet has 5 bedrooms, 2 full bath, and a full finished basement. This home overlooks the Yellowstone River. Employee home number 2 is 1400 square feet has 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, and a full basement. A modern 7,000 square foot equipment building with completely furnished office allows for an efficient operation. A steel shop building with electric door and concrete floor is located by the irrigated land for ease of operation and repair to machinery. Cattle corrals are located in key areas of the ranch for easy access. The shipping corral has a 30,000 pound set of stock scales. Bountiful stock water is provided throughout the ranch by 20 electric wells, two windmills and many reservoirs. The ranch has excellent improvements with homes and cattle handling facilities, and the fences are in top repair. Irrigation water is pumped from the river with electric pumps. A steel buried 14” main line delivers the water to the electric center pivot systems which water 130 acres per circle.

Recreation: Currently, hunting on the ranch is not allowed. However, the ranch teems with wildlife such as deer, antelope, upland game, geese, and even bobcats. Canoeing and fishing in the Yellowstone River is excellent. Red Lodge mountain ski area is 90 miles southwest of the ranch. Yellowstone Park is 150 miles from the ranch. Custer Battlefield is 50 miles away.

DoubleLLRanch Estate

Double LL Ranch Details
Location Billings, Montana
Land Area 18,336 Deeded Contiguous Acres
Waterfront 2.5 Miles

Building Details

Buildings 4 Homes, Equipment building, Steel shop, Hopital barn, Cattle corrals

Home 1 - Owners Home
Land 4200 sqft
Bedrooms 4
Baths 2
Office Onsite
Kitchen Modern kitchen
Home Remodeled in 1985,
Exterior all brick

Home 2 - Guest Home
Land 3,200 sqft
Bedrooms 3
Baths 2
View Panoramic of the Yellowstone River

Home 3 - Employee Home #1

Land 2,200 sqft
Bedrooms 5
Baths 2
Basement Full basement
View view of the Yellowstone River

Home 4 - Employee Home #2
Land 1,400
Bedrooms 3
Baths 1
Basement Full Basement

Building 5 - Equipment Building
Land 7000 sqft
Style Modern

Building 6 - Steel Shop
Land 4000
Floors Concrete
Doors Electrical
Location Near irrigated land

Building 7 - Hospital Barn
Land 4000 sqft

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